My Favorite Web-Based Service

I would have to say one of my favorite web-based services would be Google Drive. I use it for a large amount of the papers and documents I type up online, as well as just for storing different files I might need in another location in the future. Google drive is good for storing your files online, but I also like how you are able to create various kinds of files within Google Drive itself. You can create spreadsheets, presentations, forms, documents, and drawings with it. However, a very useful function of Google Drive is the fact that you can share it with others and they can collaborate on it with you. You can also leave comments on documents you share with other people (if the owner allows), and this is very helpful in leaving feedback on something or letting someone know information that would be useful to them about a certain part of their essay for example. One of the main advantages to Google Drive is that it is free for you to use, and they give you a decent amount of storage for free. Instead of purchasing costly programs like Microsoft Office, you can use Google Drives very similar web based applications. You don’t have to download any of these, and you can easily upload files you create here to your storage. Because all of your files are stored on the cloud, you can use it wherever you go, any time you need them. It’s also very easy to find your files with the search options you are given. You are also able to download Google Drive to sync with your desktop. This allows you to access your drive from a folder on your computer. However, Google Drive isn’t without it’s faults. One of the main downsides, which at first is an upside, is the fact that because your files are online, you need to be online to access them. If you don’t have internet access, you are going to have a hard time getting to your files. Another disadvantage is that Google can index your files which could cause them to show up in search results if a search matches keywords in your document/photo. Google Drive is also not as robust as some programs such as Microsoft Office. It provides similar functionality, but at the same time it doesn’t include many of the advanced features you can get from paid software. In addition, if you want more space on Google Drive, you will have to pay for it. I feel as though Google Drive has affected the way I work now, and I feel as though it will continue to do so. Being able to store my files online gives me more accessibility from machine to machine, and with the VM’s at UALR, I can even access my files from there, as well as put files that I work on through the programs there onto my drive. This makes it much more convenient to access my files and continue to work on them. It also changes the way I tend to complete my work. I often will upload my drafts on Google Drive to have them to submit to teachers that want to see my work process in writing. I feel as though Google Drive has really helped me out and I enjoy using it on a daily basis.